We are a web design and development firm that builds beautiful, elegant, and innovative solutions using open-source software. In short...

We make BIG websites

We make BIG websites

Performance and scalability

We build systems for massive growth — not just an increase in traffic, but increases in the amount of content, number of users, and site complexity.

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Systems Architecture

We integrate and deploy diverse hardware and software designed to scale with your traffic.

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Our full-time designers are experts at graphic design for the web and digital media, as well as print media such as brochures, publications, and beyond. Their expertise also includes shaping a company's unique brand to reflect its audience, values, and personality. Check out some of our design work in our portfolio.

Project Management

Our project manager works with the client, subject matter experts, designers, and developers to create a consistent whole. In addition to managing our internal team, we also offer project management services for our clients’ teams.

User Experience

A website is nothing without great user experience. Our Web Chefs carefully prepare each site with great attention to usability and ease of use.

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Our developers maintain a broad skill set that spans the full depth of web applications from the front end to the database. Our in-house programming language expertise includes PHP, SQL, JavaScript, Python, Java, C, and Ruby.

Mobile Services

Our front-end developers busy paving the way for the pocket web. From basic mobile sites to smartphone and tablet apps, your tools will be perfect for your needs.

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We specialize in highly automated, distributed workflows using tools like Jenkins and git. We’ll make sure your team, no matter how big or small, can reliably deploy the best code on your site in the shortest amount of time possible.

Fresh from the Blog

Four Kitchens celebrates their 8th year anniversary

Back in 2006, there were only four of us working out of a cheap apartment in Southeast Austin. Half of us were still in school. We had only a few hundred dollars in the bank, and we were making WordPress and MediaWiki sites for free to build our portfolio. Our first paid gig was a $300 blog that took us two weeks to fully design, build, and deploy.

Weekly watercooler #80

4K news this week:

  • Come find us at DrupalCamp Frankfurt! Web Chef extraordinaire Chris Ruppel will be in attendance!
  • Are you ready for DrupalCon Austin? So are we! Stay tuned next week for the first announcement of what we are calling the “Four days of Four Kitchens” at DrupalCon Austin!

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