Meet The Web Chefs

We’re experts and leaders

Four Kitchens is a design and development firm located in Austin, Texas, that works exclusively with Drupal and other open-source web software. Unlike many firms, ours is a one-stop shop for large-scale web projects. Branding, design, information and systems architecture, usability, development, and project management are all handled in-house by our team of talented web chefs. Four Kitchens’ reputation in the Drupal community — particularly as a leading authority on Drupal scalability, performance, and theming — has earned us invitations to speak at numerous conferences and to participate in code and theming sprints held around the world.

Our free-culture philosophy

We firmly believe in the power of open source, collaboration, and communities. All of our work is licensed under a GPL, open-source, or Creative Commons license. Our clients share this belief, and it’s resulted in reams of code, knowledge, and documentation contributed back to open-source projects — not to mention millions of dollars saved in closed-source licensing fees, service contracts, and reinventing the wheel.

We are the creators and co-maintainers of Pressflow, a performance-optimized distribution of Drupal that powers some of the world’s largest websites. In addition to our work with Pressflow and Drupal, we have contributed work to numerous other open-source projects such as MediaWiki, Modernizr, and Ansible.

What’s in a name?

So what does “Four Kitchens” mean? “Four” is historical: When we formed in 2006, there were only four of us working out of a cramped living room in South Austin. “Kitchens” refers to our approach to web design and development. The Four Kitchens web chefs believe that building a website is like preparing a feast: It requires a team of people with specialized and complementary skills working in parallel to create something that lots of people will enjoy. It’s part art, part science, and all about preparation.