Pressflow 6 now offers direct downloads

For quite some time, Four Kitchens has provided Pressflow releases to its large-scale clients and anyone interested enough to request a copy. We provided limited access to copies so that we could understand what organizations expected of Pressflow, how they wanted to use it, and so that we could keep all users updated with the latest security, bug-fix, and feature releases.

Recently, we’ve seen increasing request volume, and we’d like to give new users faster access to downloads. So, we’re making Pressflow available for direct download. No signup. No hassles. We even give you the copy-and-paste commands to download and extract Pressflow on a remote Linux machine. (You can still sign up for the updates mailing list, which we highly recommend.)

In the near future, we’ll be posting more documentation on our website that was previously only available to clients and partners of Four Kitchens. We’ll also be opening up our Pressflow issue tracker (for Pressflow-specific issues that do not apply to Drupal).

Pressflow 5 will remain available by request only.

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Great news!

I might have been a small part in getting more people intersted ;) We are using Pressflow in an Australian Broadcasting Corporation project and I have been blogging, twittering and messaging about the benefits of Pressflow…



Sounds great! I’ll have to give it a whirl, though I doubt my untrained eye will detect anything significant. :P

(Quick heads up - the links in the article are relative, so following from readers or aggregated lists like the Planet does not work.)

Can it affect any contrib modules, maybe some performance module conflicts. Just wondering! And hopefully none, but there’s got be some catch. Hehe. Glad from your db knowledge, and then the performance patches to core! Now I wonder if there’s a change in pressflow which is unlikely to make to core? Just wondering again!

Oh hey, I can’t “cut-and-paste” the commands :P

The goal is 100% compatibility with contributed modules and themes. Anything less is a bug (assuming the contributed module does not use private functions).

As for Pressflow versus Drupal core, many of Pressflow’s best features are in Drupal 7 and were either ported to Pressflow from Drupal 7 (reverse proxy support) or built into Pressflow first and then added to Drupal 7 (database replication).

The former has allowed the community to develop effective configurations for reverse proxy servers well ahead of Drupal 7’s release. The latter has allowed us to examine and understand MySQL replication so that Drupal 7’s design could be robust and flexible from the start.

As Drupal continues to improve, we’ll continue to innovate on Pressflow.

Private functions? As in the ones starting with an underscore, right?

Thanks for reply!

Correct. I go to some lengths to even maintain stubs where functions have been renamed or clever API compatibility measures like for the HTTP header APIs.


I’m wondering if there is a community forum for Pressflow? I’ve googled for pressflow forums, and looked on I see isolated references here and there, but haven’t found anything really appropriate for questions like:

  • what CDN does pressflow work best with (or does it matter)
  • does such and such a module work well with pressflow
  • etc, etc.

Are there plans for such a community? Plans to add a project page for pressflow to drupal?

Thanks, Dan

Can Pressflow be pulled directly from a subversion repository?


No, sorry. Maybe in the future.