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Mad Skillz Self-Assessment Experience

mad skillz sheet

Want to find out how mad your skillz are? Attendees of the DrupalCon London session, Mad Skillz: Become the Best in the World, will be rating their skillz in eighteen Drupal development categories. Points are also given for essential traits, like good communication skills.

DrupalCon London

DrupalCon London is next week and if you’re lucky enough to attend, get ready to have your mind blown by the top minds in the Drupal community. We’re sending two web chefs to escape the Texas heat and bask in the grey skies and rich culture of London*. Here’s what they’ll be presenting:

DrupalCamp Austin: Innovative training is on the menu

This year’s DrupalCamp Austin (November 19-20, Saturday-Sunday) has added training sessions to our spicy camp fare! The training track will run concurrently with sessions to create an immersive learning experience. During registration, attendees can add half-day and full-day training courses à la carte to their camp ticket. Training entrees will include site building, PHP, performance, and theming.

Diana Dupuis
August 18, 2011

Drupal 7 release party in Austin

After two and half years of the blood, sweat, and tears of hundreds of developers – Drupal 7’s release is merely days away. To mark the occasion, user groups from all over the world are celebrating as Drupalistas know best – with a party.

But we’re not the only ones – there are now more than 238 300 parties, in over 80 90 countries. This should be proof enough that Drupal enthusiasts all over the world are more than a litttle excited about January 7, 2011.

Vote for web chef offerings at DrupalCon Chicago!

Voting on session proposals for DrupalCon Chicago ends tomorrow, December 23rd. The Four Kitchens’ web chefs have added delectable entrées to the impressive buffet of offerings. From theming to performance, jQuery to hiring developers, we’re serving a little something for everyone. You must be registered to vote, so register today and cast your vote for the sessions you’d like to attend.

Design and UX sessions needed for DrupalCon Chicago

Attention designers, user experience specialist, and interaction designers: DrupalCon Chicago needs you!

The Design/UX track has been very successful at inviting speakers from outside the Drupal community. Now we need those from inside the community to step up! We currently have four confirmed and 19 proposed sessions. This is good, but we can do better.

We’re looking for sessions that address the following topics (and not necessarily in Drupal-specific ways):

  • Principles of design (aesthetics, etc.)
  • Principles UX and interaction design (usability, UI, etc.)
  • Information architecture and knowledge management
  • Typography

The Design/UX track is for artists, usability experts, and site architects — all the people who decide what a site should look like and why. While the Theming track focuses on execution, the Design/UX track is about what happens before anyone touches markup and CSS. This track is about more than Drupal — it’s about building a more attractive, usable, and purpose-driven Web.

Promiscuous stylesheets in Drupal 7

One common practice when using CSS frameworks such as 960 Grid System, Blueprint, or Baseline is to use a CSS reset. Each web browser applies a set of default styles to HTML elements, and these styles vary among browser vendors. A CSS reset is a stylesheet that clears these default styles so that you know what you’re working with as you implement your theme’s CSS.

The caveat with a CSS reset is that it needs to come before all of your other stylesheets. This presents a problem if you want to use a reset in your Drupal theme: all of the theme’s CSS will be added after Drupal’s system CSS and after any modules’ CSS. If your reset is loaded after these, the system and modules’ styles will all be undone, which probably isn’t what you want. Drupal loads theme styles last because, usually, you’re just adding to or overriding the existing styles, not wiping them all clean. It is possible, however, to have Drupal output a stylesheet from your theme before the system and module stylesheets.