Expeditionary Learning

What they needed

Expeditionary Learning was looking for someone to implement the brand refresh that Thinkso Creative had developed for them. They also needed a robust system to allow educators across the country to collaborate on and share resources for the classroom.

How we helped

Four Kitchens developed a highly flexible collaboration tool that allows educators to assemble lesson plans, classroom projects, and learning expeditions, as well as a massive library of teaching tools and galleries of successful projects intended to inspire both teachers and students alike. Several levels of user access control and flexible filtering interfaces allows users to create, clone, and bookmark resources.

Project outcome

Since its launch, Expeditionary Learning school nationwide have abandoned the pen-and-paper system they relied on for so long have gone completely digital. Feedback from teachers has been tremendous, and Expeditionary Learning plans to continue working with Four Kitchens to expand the tools available to this vibrant community of educators.