Project management

Our project manager works with the client, subject matter experts, designers, and developers to create consistent results.

We practice the Scrum project management methodology, a form of agile development. We use short iterations called “sprints,” which are two-week intervals repeated throughout the development cycle of each project. Sprints allow us to balance our clients’ rapidly changing needs with our ability to internally focus and complete tasks. Each morning, we hold a 15-minute “daily scrum” meeting to discuss what occurred on the project yesterday, what will occur today, and to assess and remove “blockers.” We use JIRA (an enterprise issue tracker) and Confluence (an enterprise wiki) to collaborate and track all bugs and tasks.

Our project managers and Certified Scrum Masters Andrew Gerdes and Suzy Bates are the main points of contact for our clients. Their role is to streamline communication and keep the developers and designers on track.